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Retired Employee Web Portal System has been developed to facilitate those persons who have retired from the active service of the organisation. They can view various in-house magazines to update themselves from the organisations progress and other relevent matters. They can view company circulars to know the various details of the new  changes in different policy matters. They can apply various claims from their home and submit it online. They can also know the status of their various claims that they have applied already.

This system also provide the pay related information of the retired employees. It also provide the name, telephone number and e-mail id the various persons dealing with various sections of Perquisites,Reimbursements & Allowances.

Emp No. System Requirement Ver ß

Contact For Medical: Shri P K Agarwal (ICom-3229) ( ) & Shri Subhash Chander (I.Com-3140) ( )

Contact ExEIL Cell: Ms Jasvinder Kaur (ICom-3665) ( ) & Shri Harish Khurana (I.Com-2212) ( )